Our Mission

1Team1Fight is a Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization with 501(c)(3) approved status.

We aim to help protect the life of every possible Ukrainian Defender by supplying essential protective gear, technical equipment, mine detectors, and medical supplies.


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General Donations

As OneTeamOneFight we are supplying units with drones, thermal imagers, night vision devices, helmets, plate carriers and a lot more.

A part of the donations will be used to cover our operational and ground team expenses. This will include operational expenses such as fuel, automobile maintenance and repairs, record keeping, and legal services.

Payment page is in Ukrainian. For English instructions please click HERE.

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More Ways to help

"One Team One Fight" Amazon Wishlist

  • Protective equipment like active ear protection, ballistic glasses, gloves and knee pads

  • Technical items like drones, Ecoflows and power banks

  • Medical supplies like chest seals, bandages, QuikClot and more

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    Direct Bank Transfers

    To send USD, EUR, UAH or GBP you can use a direct transfer to our bank. 

    Name*: One Team One Fight Foundation


    IBAN: UA203348510000000026001202845


    Country, City: Ukraine, Kyiv

    Address: Vul. Andriyivska, 4, Kyiv, 04070

    *please put the whole foundation name in the name field when making a bank transfer, other names (like Harri, OTOF or One Team One Fight) won't be accepted by our bank. Thank You!

    Crypto Donations

    If you want to support our team with a personal donation and help to cover local costs you can also send Bitcoins to the following wallet:

  • bc1qrjeuyf5yrdkr743u5ek2t0rvnu8qntm0s955kz 

  • Want to support our team?

    If you want to help us to cover our living expenses here in Ukraine you can support us through Buymeacoffee. Thank you so much!

    Support Harri with Coffees :)

    Support Dima with Coffees :)

    What we deliver

    • Protective equipment like plate carriers, helmets, active ear protection and ballistic glasses

    • Technical items like drones, night vision devices, thermal optics, range finders and a lot more

    • Medical and other supplies like uniforms, magazines, knee pads, gloves and a lot more

    For Units:

    If you are part of a unit and need equipment you can send us a request letter to the following email: requests [at]

    Download Request Example


    Our Team

    Harri, Co-Founder, Fundraising

     Harri is supporting Ukraine since the first day of the war. He co-founded the One Team One Fight Foundation to help getting safety equipment to Ukrainian defenders.

    Dima, Co-Founder, Units

    Dima lost his business as a result of the war and started to help his country by supporting Harri in delivering gear to the defenders of Ukraine.  

    Our Amazing Donors & Supporters

    We couldn't do it without you! Thanks to every one of you who supports us and donates to us we can help the Ukrainian defenders! We consider all of you being a part of our team and our extended family!